February 1, 2011

For Immediate Release

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With PatrolLIVE’s new overhaul, the community guard tours greatly benefit from the increased functionality.
PatrolLIVE has reinvented the way guard tours and reports are done from the field in real time. More flexibility has been added to the creation of guard tours, which directly benefits community managers and security supervisors.  The community patrol feature provides the security of knowing what is happening in the community at any given time. 

With the new features recently added, communities can now effectively monitor vehicles by issuing citations/violations, and track all previous transactions. “This new release of PatrolLIVE has changed the way security companies and communities operate on a day to day basis. This system provides patrol guards with all necessary tools at their fingertips ensuring constant communication.”  Says Jeff Moran, President. 

PatrolLIVE has registered over 4.3 million checkpoints and counting since its inception in 2009.  This is just the beginning for this ground-breaking system, as it continues to evolve with the needs of security companies and communities.

is the leading provider of visitor management, access control, license plate recognition and patrol products for gated communities throughout the nation. dwellingLIVE continuously evolves with communities needs, ensuring the most technically advanced and user friendly system available.

understands that realtime guard tour solutions are essential for security companies to stay competitive in providing guard tours services. With a realtime guard tour system, both security companies and their clients have instant web access to a guard’s exact GPS location, all associated tours and incident reports. The guard tour industry has evolved from focusing on indestructible hardware for careless guards - to now focusing on instantly accessible data for clients and the guards safety via live alerts & GPS monitoring - all while utilizing existing mobile phones.