January 3, 2011

For Immediate Release

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dwellingLIVE has launched just in time for the new CALGreen Title 24 Building Code. Effective January 1, 2011 CALGreen has required that all new residential construction three stories and to have a homeowner’s maintenance manual prior to occupancy approval.

“We established with one goal in mind: to provide the building industry with an easy solution for creating and publishing a custom and state compliant homeowner manual at a very low cost” says dwellingLIVE’s Pete Schofield. To achieve this goal dwellingLIVE partnered with trusted building industry professionals in a variety of fields – from customer service and construction experts to warranty, risk management, and defense litigation teams. With their input and expertise, dwellingLIVE pioneered, the industry’s first "build it online" manual publishing solution that allows builders to create, customize, and deliver their manuals quickly and easily.

“The success of this product line has exceeded what we could of ever imagined. Within the first month of the launch we had over 50 builders onboard including 4 of the Nation’s Top 10” Says President, Jeff Moran.

The product is very easy to use. After answering a few simple questions online,’s web-based application assembles custom tailored manual in seconds. This process relieves builders of the intense research or having to managing 3rd party consultants. When completed with the quick process, builders have a professional manual with related geographical and state compliant information that can be delivered to customers in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking for printed handbooks, manuals on CDs or USBs, or online PDFs - has got you covered.

About provides the building industry with an easy solution for delivering custom homeowner maintenance manuals that include all the required geographical and state compliant information at the lowest cost. Whether you're looking to publish printed handbooks, CDs or USBs, or online PDFs - we've got you covered. For more information, visit