March 31, 2009

For Immediate Release

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dwellingLIVE recipient of the 2009 Smart Choice Award
Costa Mesa, CA – dwellingLIVE® the industry leader in Home and Community Solutions was recognized by the Sales and Marketing Council of Southern California and the 50+ Housing Council as recipient of the 2009 Smart Choice Award for the most innovative product.

A panel of discriminating judges selected the most innovative products that offered Smart Choices for people as they age. The judges looked for submittals that were green, sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, innovative and related to universal design. Special consideration was given if the product was specific to aging adults.

dwellingLIVE® is the industry’s leading software provider of home and community solutions worldwide. Founded in 2006, dwellingLIVE’s state-of-the-art technology has quickly become the most sought after solution for the efficient management of today’s homes and communities. The dwellingLIVE home solution offers the homeowner immediate access to a complete interactive home resource which includes a homes item inventory, proactive maintenance calendars, and community information.

From visitor management and access control to its delivery management and concierge features, dwellingLIVE’s complete community solution adds functionality and increased management tools in one user-friendly system.

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